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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

A Murder Case Tests Alexa’s Devotion to Your Privacy

A recent murder case is becoming newsworthy. Police asked for private information that may or may not have been captured by Amazon’s Echo, also known as “Alexa.” In an article in Wired, Gerald Sauer describes why Amazon has not complied with the request because of privacy concerns.

Amazon reportedly is willing to supply the information IF AND ONLY IF the police follow normal procedures required in any privacy-related case: the police must prove the state has a compelling need for the information and that the material can’t be obtained elsewhere (such as from another source—a receipt in a person’s possession, for instance). The information sought must be specific and integral to the investigation.

So far, the police have not done that, preferring to take a shortcut with a simple wide-ranging “fishing trip” request asking for everything available without being accompanied by any reasons why the invasion of personal privacy is warranted. You can read the article at:

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