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Macintosh Users: Encrypt and Hide Your Private Files with Hider 2

If you have something you would like to keep secret, whether it is your income tax return, your bet list you give to your bookie, or your wife’s or girlfriend’s (or both!) sizes needed for Christmas gifts, Hider 2 is the application you need. It keeps your data locked up and protected with password protection. Nobody gets into the app or your data without your password. It also optionally hides your file(s) and folder(s) so that they are invisible to Macintosh Finder, Spotlight, and other Mac applications. Family members who share your computer or online spies who access it remotely will not find or decode files that have been encrypted and hidden with Hider 2.

In short, as mentioned on the application’s web site, “Hider 2 is the Fort Knox of digital storage. Anything and everything you hide with Hider 2 is tightly locked up and hidden, making it ultra-secure.”

Once you add files to this app, they can be accessed only by someone who has the password you created. If you elect to only encrypt the file but not hide it, you can send the encrypted file to anyone else in plain email. They will be able to decode it if they (1.) use a Macintosh, (2.) have the Hider 2 app installed, and (3.) know the password you created. Nobody else will be able to read your file(s).

NOTE: There is no version of Hider 2 for Windows, Android, or Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad). See for a list of what appears to be similar products for Windows. Disclaimer: I haven’t tested the Windows products so I cannot make any specific recommendations. I also know there are similar products for Android and Apple iOS. See the app stores for more information.

I found Hider 2 for Macintosh to be very easy to use. It uses a simple drag-and-drop user interface: to encrypt and/or hide a file (or both), first launch Hider 2. Then use Finder to locate the file to be encrypted and hidden. Click on the file name with Finder and drag it to the Hider 2 window being displayed on your screen. When asked, create a password. That’s it! Whatever actions you specified will be performed, typically encrypting the file and hiding it. Hider 2 will also hide entire folders, including all files within the folder, should you wish to do so.

The original (unencrypted) version of the file will be deleted or not, at your option. If you specify to delete it, the file is SECURELY deleted instantly. That is, it is not moved to the Macintosh trash bin. Instead, it is completely erased from your computer.

Once added, you can toggle between making the file(s) hidden and visible within Finder or Spotlight with just a click of a switch; no one can see or find your files with Finder or Spotlight when hidden in Hider 2. (There is an option to make the file(s) visible within Finder and Spotlight, should you wish to do so.) And upon hiding your file, Hider 2 automatically AES-256 encrypts it, too. It makes your data incredibly secure!

Hider 2 also will encrypt and hide data onto an external drive if the user wishes. This could be a flash drive or to an external hard drive. You can encrypt and hide only one or a few files or even all the files on the drive. It also will encrypt files on a network drive. However, it may or may not be able to hide a file on the network drive, depending upon the networking software being used. Not all networks and servers have the capability to hide files.

Hider 2 also has an in-app note taking called Secure Notes. It is essentially a note pad that will save hundreds of notes, should you wish to do so. All notes are encrypted and only visible through Hider 2; they never are written to your hard drive in plain text (unencrypted) form.

The Hider 2 app is available for $19.95 from the Macintosh App Store. Search for “Hider 2” (without the quotes). There is a free demo version available on the MacPaw Software web site at: You can read more about Hider 2 first by visiting the Hider 2 web site at MacPaw Software at:

Download Hider 2 now and never again worry about your private data going public.

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