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Skype Users Hit by Ransomware Through In-App Malicious Ads

If you use Skype, never, ever respond to any pop-up message similar to this one:

Several people have reported receiving “fake Flash” ads in Skype which, if triggered, can lead to a ransomware attack.

My recommendation? To be safe, don’t use Skype! There are a dozen or more Skype competitors these days and most of them provide excellent two-way voice and video conversations. Sty away from the products known to have security problems, such as Skype.

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  1. I’ve never seen an ad on Skype. I have AdBlock Plus so perhaps that’s why.
    We pay $3.00 a month for unlimited calls from Europe to phones in the US and Canada. We have a US-based phone number so family can phone us. It’s a local call for them, gets forwarded to our computer or my phone.

    I know Dick’s travelling, but does anyone have any information about Skype security? This is new to me. Skype is the linchpin of our communication, especially with older (and failing) family members so it would be difficult to start over.


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