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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

New GOP Bill May Revive Internet Privacy Fight

A new House GOP bill is an attempt to nullify the recent legislation killing privacy protections passed during the Obama administration. The last bill was signed by Trump and is scheduled to become law, giving Internet Service Providers permission to spy on your online activities and to sell information about your online habits to anyone who wishes to purchase the information.

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) has now introduced a new bill that would require both web sites and Internet Service Providers to get users’ permission before sharing their sensitive information — things like financial data, browsing history, and geolocation information — with advertisers.

Details may be found at:

Opinion: With the current mood in the House of representatives and the Senate, I suspect Representative Blackburn’s bill will pass. If it should happen to pass, Trump is almost guaranteed to veto it, having already signed a bill a few weeks ago that does the exact opposite.

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