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ProtonMail Makes Its Free VPN Service Available to Everyone

ProtonMail, the Swiss encrypted email service created by CERN and MIT scientists (and previously described in this blog at and at, has released a new product in response to the administration’s roll back of Obama-era internet privacy rules. Starting today, you can try out the company’s VPN service, which was in beta testing by 10,000 initial users for a year, by getting it from the official ProtonVPN website.

The great thing about the ProtonMail VPN is that it has a free tier that’s free forever. It might not be as robust as the paid ones, but it still routes your connection through multiple encrypted tunnels in your choice of three different countries.

Now you have no excuse for not using a VPN!

Paid accounts are also offered that include even more features, including the ability to route communications though any of many different countries, using multiple VPN connections simultaneously on different devices, and the ability to use Tor servers as part of the VPN. ProtonVPN has three plans, ProtonVPN Plus (8€/month), ProtonVPN Basic (4€/month), and ProtonVPN Free (0€/month).

Details may be found in an article by Mariella Moon in the enGadget web site at as well as in the ProtonMail web site at: and at

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