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The Fight for Net Neutrality Is a Fight for Freedom of Speech and Democracy

There is an interesting article in the Tutanota Blog:

“The Internet as we know it is a magnificent space where everyone has the right to share their thoughts freely. However, people living in dictatorships experience a much different Internet: Censorship, blocking of major sites or social media platforms are normal to them. If we allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to decide what content they want to show us and what content they want to block, this is exactly how we can expect our future Internet to look like. To protect freedom of speech and democracy, we must fight for net neutrality now.

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to destroy net neutrality in the United States. They plan to give big cable companies control over what we see and do online. This will allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees.”

The full article is available at:

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