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Telegram Now Sends Disappearing Messages, Just Like Snapchat

Telegram is a very popular program for instant messaging as well as for sending pictures, videos, and even making voice calls to other Telegram users. I have written about Telegram several times in the past. You can find my past articles by starting at:

Now Telegram has greatly increased user privacy even more.

The cell phone app now lets you send your friends “self-destructing” photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds. How long it takes for the media to go away depends on how long you set the timer for.

The disappearing messages are not saved on the sender’s cell phone, not on the recipient’s cell phone, and not on any servers in between. The erased items are truly erased; gone forever from all devices and servers.

If the recipient tries to make a screenshot of your disappearing media, you’ll get a notification immediately.

You can read more in the Telegram support blog at:

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