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Data Shredder for Mac 2017 Offers Military Grade Data Deletion

Miami-based security solutions company, ProtectStar today announced Data Shredder for Mac 2017, their new military grade data deletion tool for macOS computers. The app securely and efficiently deletes data using methods that meet and exceed government, military, and industry standards. Users simply drag-and-drop files, folders, or drives to the app and press the “Shred” button. Data Shredder then completely eliminates any chance for data reconstruction, even by government agencies.

Data Shredder for Mac 2017 sells for $19.90.

The new Data Shredder for Mac 2017 joins several other, related products that have been available from ProtectStar for some time, including:

  • Data Shredder for IOS
  • iDelete™ Cleaner for iOS®
  • Data Shredder Personal (for Windows)
  • Data Shredder Server (for Windows Server)
  • Ishredder™ 5 (for Android™)
  • Data Shredder Technical (for technical users to securely erase Windows Workstations and Windows Server with a bootable usb stick.)
  • Icrypter™ (a secure message encryption app to keep your incoming and outgoing messages totally secure)
  • Camera Guard™ (for webcam and microphone protection)
  • Ilocker™ (Simply protect apps, files and folders with high-end security.)
  • Micro Guard™ (High-Secure Microphone Protection for Android™)

You can learn more at:

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