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How to Become a Full-Blown Privacy Fanatic With Purism’s Librem Laptop

If you value your online privacy and if you have need for a laptop computer, you need to read an article by Dell Cameron in the Gizmodo web site at In the article, Cameron describes the $1399 Librem 13 manufactured by California-based Purism.

The laptop runs a modified version of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The modified version is called PureOS, a simple and unique Linux-based system designed by Purism’s own team of specialized Debian developers. It includes an impressive list of features, all designed to protect your online privacy.

Dell Cameron writes:

“If you have any useful skills whatsoever beyond tying your own shoes, then I promise you already possess the faculties required to conquer Linux.”

I agree. I have been using Linux off and on since the 1990s when the operating system was a bear to learn and to use. Those days are now long gone and the current versions of most Linux distributions are as easy to use as a Macintosh, possibly even easier. They all are much, much easier to learn than Windows, which seems to be getting harder and harder to use with each new release. In addition, Linux is infinitely more secure than Windows.

You can read the full article at while the Purism Librem Laptop pages may be found at Also, you can watch the video below that describes the Librem laptops in detail.

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