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More on the Equifax Data Breach

This is an update to the brief article I published last week at:

Equifax, which supplies credit information and other information services, said Thursday that a data breach could have potentially affected 143 million consumers in the United States. Literally over one third of the entire US population is at risk of identity theft now thanks to Equifax’s bungling. In reality, it will only affect adults as children normally do not have credit cards. 143 million is roughly half of all American adults.

The data breach obviously was criminal. What is perhaps even more criminal is that this is the third such data breach at Equifax in 16 months and yet the senior executives at Equifax continue to keep their data in unencrypted databases that are available to hackers! That’s beyond dumb!

In fact, it may be criminal.

Senior executives at Equinox responded to the data breach by… selling their stock. Yes. Really! They realized that once the news got out the Equinox stock would drop in value significantly. So they sold $2 million worth of stock while keeping the news secret for as long as possible. See for the details.

Can you spell “insider trading” boys and girls?

Equifax waited six weeks between discovering the hack and informing the public!

You also can read more in Simon Black’s Sovereign Man newsletter at:

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