ArmorVPN: The Easiest Way to Use a VPN & Protect Privacy

In my opinion, everyone should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing the Internet. Quoting from the information about ArmorVPN on the Kickstarter web site:

“Every day around the world people use the internet for a variety of tasks. It has truly revolutionized life for billions of people. Though it is incredibly easy to use it’s not always safe. A shockingly large number of people are tracked for advertising purposes and monitored for any number of reasons by their own government—even though they are doing nothing wrong. The need for security and privacy increases as we access the internet more and more through smart phones, tablets, streaming services, and smart home devices. There are a few ways to accomplish this, the most trusted being a virtual private network, or VPN.”

In fact, VPN software and hardware has become a “growth industry” in recent years as spying by hackers, criminals, governments, and corporations alike continues to increase. You can now find dozens of solutions that use VPNs to help protect your privacy online. One of the newest, and easiest to implement, solutions is called ArmorVPN.

ArmorVPN is a bit of hardware contained in a small box. It contains everything you need to protect the online activities of your computers, cell phone, streaming TV device, game console, and more. It works with Windows, Macintosh, Android, Apple iOS, and Linux. In fact, the operating system(s) used are unimportant; the ArmorVPN device will work with any device that is capable of communicating on the Internet. If your cell phone is capable of placing calls over the Internet (typically called a VoIP phone), you can even make voice calls with it.

To use the ArmorVPN device, you connect your in-home Internet modem to the input of the device and then connect all your devices that use online connections to the output. Configuration of this device is also promised to be very simple.

Disclaimer: I haven’t had my hands on an ArmorVPN device so I cannot speak from experience. I am relying on the company’s claims. However, I have configured and used a number of the ArmorVPN’s competitors’ offerings and can say that some of them seem to require an advanced degree in computer science to get them working! The creators of the ArmorVPN device claim their customers will not need to be computer or networking gurus to make the device operational.

The features of ArmorVPN rival those of bigger, more expensive, and more complicated devices. It works with either wired or wireless wi-fi devices or even a mix of the two. Best of all, the ArmorVPN device is affordable, at just $70.

The new VPN hardware is not yet available, however.The producing company started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the start-up manufacturing expenses, hoping to raise at least $11,000. With a week left to go in the campaign, the pledges received so far total more than $44,000. Yes, there is an obvious demand for VPN hardware!

In fact, I ordered one also. Shipments are expected to start in limited quantities next month with all pre-orders shipping no later than in January of 2018.

You can read more about ArmorVPN on Kickstarter at and at the ArmorVPN home page at

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