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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s Personal Cell Phone was Compromised

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s personal cell phone was compromised back in December. Details may be found at:

Actually, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. I hope it didn’t surprise John Kelly although I suspect it may have. Everyone should be aware that EVERY unencrypted cell phone can be hacked. The higher your position in government, military, sports, the entertainment industry, or in the business world, the greater the odds that someone is monitoring your calls and the web sites you visit with your smartphone. Those listening might be foreign governments, our own NSA, the FBI, local police departments, business competitors, identity thieves, or (in the case of celebrities) various gossip magazines and newspapers.

Private individuals also are not safe from hackers and spies. Identity thieves love to get names, addresses, and Social Security Numbers of private individuals. One easy source is from unencrypted cell phones and hardly any private individuals ever use encrypted models of mobile phones even though they are easily available (but expensive).

The military and many government officials use encrypted phones, however. One has to wonder why John Kelly didn’t “get the word.” Kelly reportedly has since begun using a different phone for personal use.

Did you ever wonder who is tapping into your cell phone?

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