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DHS is expanding its National Biometrics Database to Hold Details on More than 500 Million People, Including Many US Citizens

You think Big Brother isn’t watching YOU? Guess again. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security obviously is jealous of the way China tracks its own citizens. Now DHS is copying China’s methods.

A $95 million contract (!) has been awarded to Northrop Grumman that envisages two stages of implementation, reported here by Defense Daily:

“Increment 1 of HART is scheduled to take 18 months to complete and includes migrating the current biometric capabilities of IDENT [the current Automated Biometric Identification System used by the DHS]. These include storage and matching of fingerprint, face and iris images, as well as latent fingerprint matching, a new data architecture, and a new system development and testing environment. IDENT has limited face and iris matching capabilities.”

Also from an article in the Privacy News Online web site:

The second phase will also last 18 months, and requires improvements in the system’s face and iris matching capabilities, as well as “a biometric fusion element that will produce stronger matching results when multiple biometrics are used in a search query”. Future development may introduce additional biometrics such as DNA and voice recognition, as well as distinctive features, including scars and tattoos.

You can read more in an article by Glyn Moody in the Privacy News Online web site at:

Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of the United States!

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