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How to Save the Internet

One of the saddest actions to come out of Washington lately has been the FCC’s decision to allow Internet companies to gather and sell our personal data.

Ajit Pai, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission and a former Associate General Counsel at Verizon Communications Inc., led the effort to allow Internet service providers (often called “ISPs”) to compile a detailed profile of our web behavior and market it. Of course, his former employer, Verizon, will be one of the companies that will receive millions of dollars in revenue generated because of this new policy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, has called these changes, “a disaster for America’s cybersecurity.”

An article by David Morris, published in the Salon web site, has offered a solution: the public should own the broadband networks themselves. He claims that the present ownership by large corporations is anti-competitive and not in the nation’s best interests. Public ownership can be indirect, through local governments, or direct, through cooperatives. In fact, some 2-3 million people currently already can access high speed broadband from 300 or so rural telephone or electric cooperatives. Morris suggests these publicly-owned gateways to the Internet should serve as models for future changes.

You can read David Morris’ article at:

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