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Senator Ron Wyden Asks FBI Director To Justify His ‘Ill-Informed’ Policy Proposal For Encryption

Well, at least one Senator has some common sense. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday for not consulting him before going public with the proposal for encryption.

NOTE: See my earlier article, FBI Chief Calls Unbreakable Encryption ‘Urgent Public Safety Issue’ at, for information about the Director’s silly ideas.

Senator Ron Wyden wrote, “Your stated position parrots the same debunked arguments espoused by your predecessors, all of whom ignored the widespread and vocal consensus of cryptographers. For years, these experts have repeatedly stated that what you are asking for is not, in fact, possible.”

Wyden also wrote, “I would like to learn more about how you arrived at and justify this ill-informed policy proposal. Please provide me with a list of the cryptographers with whom you’ve personally discussed this topic since our July 2017 meeting and specifically identify those experts who advised you that companies can feasibly design government access features into their products without weakening cybersecurity. Please provide this information by February 23, 2018.”

Details may be found in an article by Kate Conger at:

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