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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Facebook Is Scanning Your Messages On Messenger

As if Facebook hasn’t been caught with enough questionable business practices already, now there is a new problem added to the list: the social media giant is reading your messages, too. Facebook itself confirmed this week that it scans the contents of messages sent through the Facebook Messenger platform, looking for what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called “sensational” content.

Mark Zuckerberg claims that the practice has a benign purpose: to find evidence of malware or crimes like child porn. That sounds like a noble purpose. However, he didn’t make any claims that those lofty ideals were the only purposes for reading your private messages. Since the company is already reading your messages, it is able to do anything the company’s managers want to do with your most private conversations and information that is monitored and collected. Given Facebook’s track record on privacy, I would be very suspicious.

There are several private, encrypted messaging services to choose from. Why use a messaging service is spying on you?

Take a look at 8 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS at and at Best secure mobile messaging apps at

I have been using Signal for some time and like it. I don’t have any proper method of testing its security claims. However, several security experts have run tests and published their findings. So far, no security problems have been found. You can read more about Signal at and in a great review by Jordan McMahon in the Wired web site, Ditch all those Other Messaging Apps: Here’s Why You Should Use Signal, at


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