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Communities in Scotland Adopt Zello for Residents to Use for Emergency Situations

This is a follow-up to my recent article about Zello at Perhaps your community needs a similar plan?

Largs, Fairlie and Skelmorlie can suffer gale force winds in the winter and the roads are often affected by flooding or heavy snow. A new project by the town’s community resilience team plans to improve communications with the public during adverse weather conditions, such as the recent Beast from the East storm which cut off certain areas of the town.

The new Zello app would run in the background of people’s mobiles. It provides communications amongst residents of the towns along with highway maintenance personnel and emergency responders.

Zello is free to download for iPhone and Android. Once installed, users can search and add the following channels: Largs Community Information, Largs Community Chat 1, Largs Community Chat 2.

‘Largs Community Information’ is the main channel – where short snippets of information can be passed or where people can call each other.

Longer conversations will be hosted on either Chat 1 or Chat 2.

The new Zello app is being introduced to Largs a month after blizzards caused chaos in the area, with back roads and hills cut off – including Routenburn Road and Brisbane Glen Road to the old back road to Greenock.

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