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All Automobiles in China to be Tracked by the Government

China is one of the countries that constantly spies on its citizens. Now the Chinese government will be getting even more tools to track and monitor its citizens by way of RFID technology making its way into new Chinese-market cars starting next month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

RFID chips will soon be installed in all new automobiles sold in China. These chips will be read by sensors installed along roads by the government and will feed data about the vehicle’s location and owner back to the Ministry of Public Security. This kind of RFID scanning is less precise than GPS tracking, given that it only shows when vehicles pass sensors, but it’s still plenty to build a profile of someone’s habits based on where they drive.

The program is set to begin in July and will be optional for the first year, after which it will become compulsory for all new vehicles.

You can read more in an article by Kyle Hyatt in the C|Net web site at

We can expect other governments to institute similar tracking within a few years.

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