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Every Android Device Launched Since 2012 may be Impacted by a RAMpage Vulnerability

Do you have an Android cell phone, tablet, walkie-talkie, or other mobile device? Assuming it was introduced in 2012 or later, it contains a major security bug. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-9442, is a variation of the Rowhammer attack, a hardware bug in modern memory cards.

While the problem is significant, there is no evidence that hackers have ever used it for malicious purposes. Security researchers found the weakness and developed test software to prove that it is a problem. A team of eight academics from three universities and two private companies revealed a new Rowhammer-like attack on Android devices named RAMpage. However, the academics do not know of any Rowhammer attacks in the wild.

The researcher team also believes RAMpage may also affect Apple devices, home computers, or even cloud servers.

You can read more in an article by Catalin Cimpanu in the Bleeping Computer web site at:

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