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Yet ANOTHER Facebook App Exposed the Personal Data of 120 Million Users

Is there no end to these stories?

“Right when Facebook’s last data controversy seemed to be dying down, another one took its place this week when a security researcher discovered that a popular quiz app called “Nametests” exposed the data of over 120 million users.

“The researcher, Inti De Ceukelaire, uncovered the flaw that would’ve allowed anyone to pull information for all of the app’s users, even if they had deleted it. Nametests was responsible for many popular quizzes on Facebook, like “what nationality do I look like?”, “What kind of woman are you?”, and hundreds of other quizzes you often see making the rounds on Facebook. However, these seemingly-innocent questions could’ve come with a steep price.”

You can read the details in an article in the Facecrooks web site at:

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