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New California Bill Restores Strong Net Neutrality Protections

A victory for consumers!

Last month, a California Assembly committee voted to remove key protections from a state-level net neutrality bill. Critics said the changes opened loopholes that would allow broadband providers to throttle some applications, or charge websites or services for “fast lane” access on their networks. Now those key protections are coming back.

At a press conference Thursday, California state Senator Scott Wiener, who introduced the original bill, and Assembly member Miguel Santiago, who proposed the changes last month, said they had agreed on a new version of the bill that restores provisions that would make the California bill the most robust net neutrality protections in the nation.

The new law obviously affects only the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that do business in California. However, that includes almost all the major U.S. ISPs, most of whom will find it difficult and costly to run separate services: one for California residents and another for the other 49 states. In addition, most other U.S. states are expected to pass similar legislation within the next few months. The ISPs probably will conform to the California requirements in all 50 states. As a result, state legislatures will probably restore the consumers’ privacy rights that Ajit Pai and the FCC took away.

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