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A Report about Banning the Telegram Encrypted Messaging App in Iran

The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights in Iran. The Center has released a report entitled Closing of the Gates – Implications of Iran’s Ban on the Telegram Messaging App. I would suggest this report should be required reading by every elected official, every bureaucrat, and every law enforcement official in every country. It shows the efforts of one totalitarian regime, run by strong dictators, to eradicate democracy. Hopefully, free and open societies will reject such tactics.

This report publicizes many issues involved with banning encryption. One quote that illustrates the effect on free speech is:

“The ban will disrupt the most important, uncensored platform for information and communication in Iran, one that is used extensively by activists, independent and citizen journalists, dissidents and international media. It will also impact electoral politics in Iran, as centrist, reformist and other relatively moderate political groups that are allowed to participate in Iran’s elections…”

The report shows the implications of blocking or banning encrypted applications, thereby blocking citizens of their rights to free speech. I would suggest the same issues apply to the installation of “back doors” in any computer application that protects data by the use of encryption.

You can find Closing of the Gates – Implications of Iran’s Ban on the Telegram Messaging App at

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