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Amazon Facial Recognition Tool Mismatched Congress Members to Criminals’ Mugshots

After reading an article by Brandy Betz in the SeekingAlpha web site, I am not as worried by facial recognition as I used to be. It seems that today’s best facial recognition software isn’t very accurate.

Amazon’s facial recognition tool Rekognition wrongly identified 28 Congress members as police suspects in a test conducted by the ACLU.

I’ll skip over the irony that members of Congress were identified as criminals… This test only looked at their faces, not their financial records.

The ACLU says it paid $12.33 to have Rekognition compare the official photos of every Congress member against a database of 25,000 public arrest photos. The “matches” showed while searching with the default 80% accuracy and were disproportionately people of color.

You can

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