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Facebook Sold Our Privacy For A Quick Buck, How Can Blockchain Help?

From an article by Jim Preissler in Forbes:

“With the recent revelation that Russia may be still trying to influence U.S. elections, and Facebook announcing that there are ongoing attempts to target its users with “fake news” using fake accounts, it is clear that this ongoing social manipulation is not going away any time soon. Facebook sold not only our privacy but also our electoral future in order to enrich themselves. The impact of these indiscretions have materialized in weaker user and advertising growth. and the market has consequently punished the stock in the largest selloff in corporate history.”


“Every bit of data about you is for sale via traditional marketing databases and the hacked data sets. This includes address, email, home phone, cell phone, passwords, names and ages of your children, social security numbers, where you work, what you like to buy, possible political affiliations, religion, your income, shows and music you like, and the list goes on to give a very complete picture of the vast majority of the U.S. population. When combined, the data set on almost every individual is extensive, complete and frightening. In unfriendly hands, it is powerful and dangerous.”

Preissler then goes on to describe a solution to many of these issues, although not all: a blockchain. “Can we use blockchain as a sort of decentralized certificate authority to verify legitimate news sources and user profiles?”

The article may be found at

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