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Big Telecom Is Using Robocalls to Fight a Net Neutrality Bill in California

I suggest if you receive one of these calls, simply hang up. That’s what I do to ALL robocalls.

It seems that big telecom companies are once again trying to disrupt a net neutrality bill in California, this time by robocalling seniors to spread misinformation about the bill. The call states: “Your Assembly member will be voting on a proposal by San Francisco politicians that could increase your cellphone bill by $30 a month and slow down your data,” says a voice on an automated call paid for by legal reform group the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC). “We can’t afford higher cell phone bills. We can’t afford slower data. We can’t afford Senate Bill 822 (more popularly known as SB822).”

The call urges constituents to contact their state representative and ask them to vote no on the bill, which passed a senate committee last week and will be heard in the Assembly this week.

The statements are outright lies.

There is no expectation that passage of the bill will increase your phone bill by even one cent. However, if the bill is defeated, big telecom companies will reap millions of dollars in benefits, all without spending hardly any more money. In other words, it will provide millions of dollars in increased profits for them.

Do you think the big telecoms companies will pass on their increased profits to you, the consumer, in the form of lower bills? Yeah, right.

You can read more about this scam in an article by Kaleigh Rogers in the Motherboard web site at:

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