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Google’s Titan Security Keys are Now Shipping

In an article earlier this year, Security Keys have been Good to Google, So Now the Company wants to Sell them to You, available at, I pointed out that “Google’s workforce hasn’t suffered a single confirmed account takeover in over a year. The impressive security stat is due to small USB security keys issued to all 85,000 of the company’s employees.” That’s impressive for a high profile company that is known to attract hundreds, possibly thousands, of would-be hackers who try to break through Google’s security every year.

One of Google’s tools to keep hackers from breaking into employees’ computers and cell phones is a device invented by Google called the Titan Security Key. I also stated it “…is coming soon to the Google Store for consumer Google accounts.” Now that day has arrived.

This morning, Google announced that the Titan Security Keys are now shipping to anyone who wants to purchase these devices. In fact, Google sends two Titan Security Keys, not one. One has a USB connector on it and plugs into any Windows or Macintosh computer, or into most any Linux computer, to offer security. The second Key in the box uses Bluetooth to connect to smartphones and tablet computers.

Each Titan Security Key is portable and can be plugged into multiple computers, although obviously only one at a time. For instance, if you own both a desktop and a laptop computer, you can plug your Titan Security Key into the desktop when you are using it. When finished, unplug the Titan Security Key and take it with you. Nobody can use your desktop computer when you are gone and you have taken the key with you. When traveling, you might want to use a laptop computer. Simply insert the same Titan Security Key into the laptop, power it on, and use the laptop as you always have.

The same is true for your smartphone or tablet computer. Once the Titan Security Key software is installed, the computing device will only work if your personal Titan Security Key is connected by Bluetooth. A manual button press of the Titan Security Key is also required when booting up.

The obvious benefit is that if you leave the laptop someplace or if it is stolen, nobody else can access your computer without your personal Titan Security Key. Your passwords, files, and computing history will remain safe. Even the use of a different Titan Security Key will not work. It has to be the same key that you use.

Google’s Titan Security Keys sell for $50 for the matched pair: one with a USB connector and a second one that connects via Bluetooth. The price includes shipping to a U.S. address. However, you may be charged sales tax, depending upon the tax laws in your state.

I ordered my Titan Security Keys this morning.

You can read more in the Google Blog at while the order page in the Google Store may be found at

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