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Chrome Vulnerability leaves Wi-Fi Networks Open to Attack

Millions of home Wi-Fi networks could be easily hacked, even when the network is protected by a strong password, thanks to a flaw in Chrome-based browsers.

Researchers at cybersecurity and penetration testing consultancy SureCloud have uncovered a weakness in the way Google Chrome and Opera browsers, among others, handle saved passwords and how those saved passwords are used to interact with home Wi-Fi routers over unencrypted connections.

Details may be found in an article by Ian Barker in the BetaNews web site at:


1. This is a bit disappointing as Google Chrome has usually enjoyed a good reputation for security. However, a newer browser, called Brave, appears to be more secure. It has an excellent reputation. Brave also protects against some of the privacy-invasive products that are all over the World Wide Web. If you would like to read more about the Brave secure web browser, go to

2. The article clearly states, “with home Wi-Fi routers over unencrypted connections.” Why is anyone in this day and age using unencrypted connections? Get a VPN! Problems like this will disappear if you are using a VPN. See for past articles here about VPNs.

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