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ProtonMail Hits 5 Million Accounts and Wants Users to Ditch Google by 2021

ProtonMail, the Geneva, Switzerland-based encrypted email service, “wants you to be able to completely de-Google-fy your life,” according to CEO Andy Yen. “Come to ProtonMail, and have all the features, plus the security and the privacy that Google doesn’t provide you. So, that’s our long-term vision.”

ProtonMail is primarily different from your free email — Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. — because it encrypts your message and can’t scrape them for data. That encryption also protects them from being read by third-parties if you send an email from your ProtonMail account to another ProtonMail user. But what about encrypted docs, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations? That’s coming, too, Yen says.

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  1. Encrypted files stored on your cloud provider of choice (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, PCloud, etc) is available now with Standard Notes, it was just announced this week. Standard Notes is a privacy focused notes app that you might look into and maybe recommend. I’m just a user, but also an evangelist, since I support the concept and want it to be successful. Haven’t seen it mentioned here before, thought I’d put a bug in your ear about it.


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