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Tor and Tails – Possibly the Most Secure Software Combination Available to Use on the World Wide Web

Tor is a highly-secure method of connecting to web sites. You can read past Privacy Blog articles about Tor by starting at:

Tails may be the most secure operating system available. Tails is actually a variation of Linux but is installed and configured in a manner the original developers of Linux probably never imagined. Tails is strongly recommended by many banks and other financial organizations because of its excellent security and resistance to hackers. See for the past articles in this blog about Tails.

Yes, using both Tor and Tails is a bit extreme, sort of like using both a belt and suspenders. However, how much is your privacy and access to your financial accounts worth? Using both Tor and Tails together might be one of the best “investments” you ever made.

NOTE: Tor is included with Tails. Both Tor and Tails are free and open source software (FOSS).

Carlie Fairchild has now written a series of online articles that describe why you want to use the combination of Tor and Tails and then the articles give detailed instructions on how to set up a Tor/Tails installation for maximum security.

You will need a PC-compatible computer of at least a moderate amount of processing power. It doesn’t need to be a top-of-the-line powerhouse system that you recently purchased. In fact, that old PC that is sitting in your closet gathering dust might work perfectly.

Even better, you don’t need to reformat the hard drive (erasing Windows) to use Tails and Tor. You can simply copy all the needed software to a CD-ROM disk or to a flash drive. When you want to run securely, insert the CD disk or flash drive into the computer and reboot. It will boot up in the Tails operating system. When finished, remove the CD disk or the flash drive from the computer and re-boot. The system will then boot up in Windows or whatever operating system is installed on the computer’s hard drive.

When running Tails from a CD or from a flash drive, there is no need to write anything to the computer’s internal hard drive. If you only own one computer, using a boot CD or a boot flash drive simplifies everything. Your computer’s internal hard drive will be untouched when running the Tails operating system from a CD or a flash drive.

However, running from a CD or flash drive will be a bit slower than running from an internal hard drive.

You can read the articles by starting in The Linux Journal at and then clicking on the links to the individual articles.

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  1. I use password manager and VPN. I guess Tails doesn’t work for me then.


    • Tails includes a VPN (actually it is TOR which is a VPN and more). As to a password manager, Tails should be able to use any Linux password manager although I must admit that I haven’t tried one on Tails. But it SHOULD work.


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