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Google Adds Always-On VPN to its Project Fi Cellular Service

I have been an enthusiastic customer of Google’s Project Fi cell phone service for more than three years. I also always have a VPN (that I pay for) running all the time in my cell phone. You can read my past articles about the Project Fi cellular service by starting at:

I received a pleasant surprise today when I learned that Google is now offering a FREE VPN to all users of the Google Fi cell service and the VPN will be enabled all the time, whether connected by a cellular service connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

All phone calls, text messages, and data will be encrypted for privacy purposes all the time. The always-on VPN will need to be turned on in the Project Fi settings, where the feature is called “Enhanced Network” and labeled a “beta.”

The “Enhanced network” feature should pop up in the settings later this week for Fi-compatible phones running Android 9 Pie.

Details may be found in an article by Ron Amadeo in the Ars Technica web site at:

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  1. I thought your blog was about privacy.


  2. ‘Google’ and ‘privacy’ shouldn’t be in the same sentence. I use Mullvad VPN and it’s just $5 a month. They don’t ask for your name, email address, and they take cash!


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