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What Is Google Project Fi, and Is It Worth It?

Yesterday, I wrote an article entitled Google Adds Always-On VPN to its Project Fi Cellular Service. See to read the article.

A couple of readers of this web site wrote and asked, “What is Google Fi?”

In short, Google Fi is the best and cheapest cell phone service available for many people, but perhaps not for everyone. It fits my needs well. It may or may not fit your needs, however.

I was going to write about Google Fi but a quick search of the web shows that has already been done: a number of other people have written about Google’s Project Fi. If you have an interest in obtaining better and/or cheaper cell phone service, you might want to read What Is Project Fi, and Is It Worth It? by Deidre Richardson in the Tom’s Guide web site at:,review-4530.html.

NOTE #1: Tom’s Guide is one of the few web sites I trust for unbiased reviews.

NOTE #2: I believe Google Project Fi is only available to customers in the U.S. although it provides unlimited calls and text messages in more than 170 countries. I was in Norway and Sweden last week and used my Project Fi cell phone a number of times to make and receive phone calls as well as to check email, surf the web, and more. It was nice to not incur any roaming charges.

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