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Next-Generation Aegis Fortress L3 USB Drive

Need a secure place to keep your digital secrets or to transport them to a different computer, possibly some distance away? An encrypted flash drive is a good solution for up to 256 gigabytes of data. However, what do you do if you have more data then that to be kept secure.?

Portable hard drives are available from a number of manufacturers at reasonable prices. Of course, if the information is sensitive for any reason (business data, personal secrets, medical records, financial information, or more), you might prefer to use a high security portable hard drive that is designed specifically for security considerations. One strong candidate is the new Next-Generation Aegis Fortress L3 USB Drive.

The following is an announcement written by Apricorn:

Up to 180 percent faster read speeds and ultra-rugged enclosure, Apricorn’s newest encrypted portable drive is built to meet NIST’s highest level of FIPS validation.

POWAY, Calif., Dec. 05, 2018 — Apricorn, the leading manufacturer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB data storage devices, today announced the release of the Aegis Fortress L3 with FIPS validation encrypted USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 drives for regulated industries including finance, government, power and energy, legal and healthcare.

The new device features Apricorn’s latest encryption chipset that gives SSD versions of the Aegis Fortress L3 write speeds up to 150 percent faster and read speeds up to 180 percent faster.

The product’s complete FIPS 140-2 Level-3 validation (pending Q1 2019) is the highest level assigned by NIST to portable encrypted devices and the validation boundary includes the electronics, drive and enclosure. The enclosure itself is milled from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy with snap-off unidirectional security fasteners cemented with epoxy to capture evidence of tampering. The membrane-style keypad carries an IP66 certification (pending) against water, dust and grit penetration. The ruggedized exterior is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, demanding field conditions, and resistance to shock.

Like all Aegis Secure Drives and Secure Keys, the Fortress L3 is software-free in setup and use; all passwords and commands are entered by way of the device’s onboard keypad and all authentication and encryption processes take place within the device itself, never sharing password or encryption key data with its host computer. Featuring military-grade 256-bit AES XTS encryption and locked down firmware, the Fortress cannot be updated further – making it immune to malware such as “BadUSB.” The device comes standard with Forced Enrollment (no default PINs), two read-only modes, data recovery PINs, and Aegis Configurator compatibility.

“Data protection concerns will continue to rise globally in light of GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act in 2020 as will the growing need to securely store and move large amounts of sensitive data offline, avoiding potential targeting in the cloud and software encryption vulnerabilities,” said Mike McCandless, vice president of sales and marketing at Apricorn. “Our new Aegis Fortress L3 gives regulated industries the highest level of security validation for small form-factor storage systems and ensures compliance with Article 32 of GDPR.”

Aegis Fortress L3 with interchangeable Type-A and Type-C connector cables features:

  • 256-Bit AES XTS Military-Grade Hardware Encryption: Encrypts all data on the fly
  • Software-Free: Ready to use right out of the box; no software, no drivers, no updates
  • OS Agnostic: Compatible with PC, MAC, Linux, Android, Symbian or any mass storage compliant system with a powered USB port
  • Forced Enrollment: No factory-preset default PINs
  • Aegis Configurator compatible: Create custom profiles and mass configure multiple Aegis devices at once
  • Onboard Keypad: All PIN entries are performed on the device’s keypad making it compatible with systems without keyboards and shares no critical security parameters with its host computer
  • Lock-Override Mode: Can be programmed to remain unlocked during reboot / USB re-enumeration
  • Two Read-Only Modes: Preserve data in its original, unaltered state while blocking malware
  • Data Recovery PINs that provide access to the device in the event of forgotten PINs
  • Programmable Brute Force Protection: After a predetermined number of consecutive incorrect PIN entry attempts, the Aegis Fortress L3 will conclude that it is under Brute Force and destroy its encryption key and PINs rendering the data useless
  • Increased Storage Capacities: 1TB – 5TB in HDD models; 500GB – 16TB in SSD models

The Aegis Fortress L3 is now available, for more information visit

About Apricorn
Headquartered in Poway, California, Apricorn provides secure storage innovations to the most prominent companies in the categories of finance, healthcare, education, and government throughout North America, Canada and EMEA. Apricorn products have become the trusted standard for a myriad of data security strategies worldwide. Founded in 1983, numerous award-winning products have been developed under the Apricorn brand as well as for a number of leading computer manufacturers on an OEM basis.

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