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Veteran Tech Journalist Walt Mossberg Quits Facebook, Because Yeah

I have been an avid reader of Walt Mossberg’s articles for years and once traveled 500 miles one-way just to sit in the audience when he delivered a great presentation about technology in today’s world. I also follow the various security problems, privacy problems, and other issues surrounding Facebook. I wasn’t surprised to learn today that Walt Mossberg is leaving Facebook and deleting his account there.

“I am doing this — after being on Facebook for nearly 12 years — because my own values and the policies and actions of Facebook have diverged to the point where I’m no longer comfortable here,” Mossberg said in a Facebook post.

That is a significant decision by a person who has 266,185 followers on Facebook!

Mossberg is also deleting the Instagram app, which owned by Facebook.

Mossberg advised his followers to reconsider their own values and whether Facebook fits or not.

You can read more in an article by Raymond Wong in the Mashable web site at:

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