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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

This may be the best replacement for Facebook and it’s myriad of problems. Jason Koebler from Motherboard writes:

“Facebook gets a lot of credit for ‘disrupting’ social media and for turning MySpace into a worthless piece of garbage, but millions upon millions of teenagers and young adults were already sharing every aspect of their lives on other social networks, and on their own websites. Facebook had the good fortune of being new, slightly different, and exclusive. It was even luckier to come to power shortly before the rise of the smartphone.

I guess what I’m saying is that Facebook isn’t really all that much better or more convenient than having your own website, or sending emails or chats. But for some reason, Facebook (and Instagram) are where we post now. Facebook has of course become something much larger than a single website, and has, despite its flaws, ‘helped connect the world’ for better or worse. But Facebook tapped into a trend that was already happening — it didn’t invent the idea of letting people put stuff about their lives online, it just monetized it better.”

You can read Jason Koebler’s article at:

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  1. Personal websites are beyond the knowledge/technical capability of most (even disregarding the cost) and they would end up being an island with one person instead of a flawed community of many to many or one to many platform like FB. Email is inefficient for group interactions and unless you’re different than I am, overloaded with email.
    Facebook has monitized us (we are in fact the product). They can’t seem to be held accountable for selling our privacy, but invasion of privacy is how they’re monitizing us. Like you, I’m tired of hearing FB apologize and say we should have done better or will. Our government representatives are laughably unknowledgeable about technology and therefore prey to make poor decisions while our current government has turned the tide back towards business and away from protecting privacy.
    But getting friends and relatives to change even something like a text messaging app from their phone default to Signal (which I do use) is hard because they use what their friends use and asking your friend to use a different app for messaging for you is difficult ,since they in turn have to convince their family and other friends to do the same, for a benefit they might find hard to appreciate. There’s little motivation for most people to change, which is why we have the problems we do.


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