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Tor is Easier to Use than Ever. Perhaps it is Time to Give It a Try

Good news: The Tor anonymity service is easier to use and more accessible than ever. The digital anonymity service Tor is also one of the best methods of keeping your web browsing private.

According to an article by Lily Hay Newman in the Wired web site: “Tor has been relatively accessible for years now, largely because of the Tor Browser, which works almost exactly like a regular browser and does all the complicated stuff for you in the background. But in 2018 a slew of new offerings and integrations vastly expanded the available tools, making 2019 the year to finally try Tor. You may even end up using the network without realizing it.”

Tor was originally developed by the United States Naval Research Laboratory in the 1990’s. It was originally developed to keep government communications, especially communications with espionage agents, secret and unable to be intercepted by foreign governments or anyone else. It has proven to be very successful, even if it was a bit awkward to use. It has been released to the public domain and is free and legal to use by anyone.

Today, the Tor Project Inc. is a non-profit organization that currently maintains Tor and is responsible for its development. The United States Government mainly funds it, and further aid is provided by Swedish Government and different non-governmental organizations and individual sponsors.

You can read more about the latest Tor improvements at:

You can learn a lot more about Tor and even download the free privacy software at the Tor support web site at:

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