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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

It Appears China is Building a Massive Espionage Database on America

“It seems obvious at this point that China is building a massive database of information on American individuals and companies, which they can then use for various purposes—including espionage, intellectual property theft, extortion, and other types of coercion.”

Daniel Miessler provides numerous examples that illustrate China’s recording of your private information and mine in an article in his blog at:

Miessler also writes:

“Now add a hack of a DNA database to that list. Imagine them having partial (and eventually full) genome information on these same people. Of course right now there aren’t too many practical attacks one can launch using that information, but they did just arrest someone for making CRISPR babies.”

How can you prevent the Chinese government from learning all about you? Probably there is no way to stop 100% of the data gathering but the use of a lot of encryption will reduce the amount of data collected. Use a VPN, use encrypted email, and never send any information online in plain text. Also, stop using social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more) as these services provide your personal information to the Chinese on a silver platter.

Who believes that the Chinese government is the only one doing this? How about Facebook? the NSA? The military? Other governments? Google?

Yes, not only is (the Chinese) Big Brother watching you closely, but so are all of his cousins.

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