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Facebook Hires 3 of its Fiercest Critics

Here is one method of silencing your worst critics who keep telling the world what a terrible job you are doing: hire them and pay them large salaries.

Facebook confirmed it has hired 3 privacy law activists, who are among some its fiercest critics: Robyn Greene, an attorney for Open Technology Institute, and Nathan White from Access Now will work out of Facebook’s DC office, while Nate Cardozo, an attorney formerly of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will be based out of Menlo Park, California.

Cardoza wrote that Facebook’s business model “depends on deception and apathy” in an op-ed in The Mercury News in 2015 and that the company’s responses to its privacy scandals are “disingenuous and fundamentally unfair.”

Greene previously responded to the Cambridge Analytica scandal by saying “Facebook basically pimped out its users,” arguing that the company covered up “corporate malfeasance.”

Salaries were not announced, of course. However, these are two highly-qualified attorneys and one former communications director in the U.S. Congress. We can assume they all commend high salaries wherever they are employed. Facebook certainly can afford to pay them even higher salaries from the company’s millions of dollars of profits.

You can read more in an article by Meira Gebel in the Business Insider web site at:

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  1. I am extremely disappointed by this news, and, as there is absolutely no way in hell to make Facebook respect anyone’s privacy, I question why these privacy advocates would join the company. I read at Techcrunch that the Facebook PR machine is already preventing them from granting interviews on their own.


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