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Facebook’s Former Chief of Security Says: Shifting to Private Messaging could be Facebook’s Smartest Move at this Point

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a bombshell announcement earlier this week that his company would pivot to a “privacy-focused communications platform” that prioritizes encrypted private messaging and groups over public-facing posts and the algorithm-driven News Feed.

According to the company’s former security chief, Alex Stamos, the move could mean that some of Facebook’s toughest issues around moderating speech and curbing bad behavior effectively disappear. “Mark Zuckerberg decided he can’t be in the middle anymore. The middle is where you lose continuously,” Stamos told a crowd at Vox Media’s SXSW event series in Austin, referring to Facebook’s attempt to straddle a line between strictly controlling speech and behavior on its platform and allowing for freedom of expression.

When it comes to bad actors on the platform, be it Russians trying to organize election interference or anti-vaccine proponents spreading false information, “Facebook is effectively saying that is not our problem,” Stamos adds, saying that such problems “will for the most part disappear” in a world that shifts away from the algorithmically dictated News Feed and recommendation engine. “I see him [Mark] punting on that class of issues because that’s a class of issues where he can’t win.”

You can read a lot more in an article by Nick Statt in The Verge web site at:

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