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Why Zoho Mail is Better than Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook

Zoho Mail is one of the less well-known email services. Yet it is one of the best free email providers. Many Zoho Mail users feel that it is better than Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. Zoho Mail has grown to more than 10 million active users in just nine years since it was first created.

Zoho Mail is available as a free email service although a paid version is available that offers more functionality. Many people find the free version meets all their needs and never upgrade to the paid version. Even the free version offers multi-level folders, conversation views, drag-and-drop inbox organizing, and email filters.

Best of all, Zoho Mail never, I repeat: NEVER, shows ads, not even in the free version.

Zoho Mail is available for personal use of business use. The business use version will tightly integrate with your own email server(s) or with many other advanced features. These advanced features will cost money. However, if you simply want an email service for one person, such as for yourself, Zoho Mail can be free.

The one major omission, in my opinion, is that Zoho Mail will not send and receive encrypted email messages, a necessity (in my opinion) for secure communications. Then again, neither will Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook.

NOTE: If you want FREE, encrypted email, look at TutaNota at or at ProtonMail at ProtonMail at However, those two services may or may not support all the other features available in Zoho Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. For more information about encrypted email services, see my earlier articles by starting at:

If you do try Zoho Mail, you will also want to try the (free) Zoho Docs, an office productivity suite that competes with the (expensive) Microsoft Office. With Zoho Docs, you can create, edit, and collaborate on text, presentation, and spreadsheet documents. The documents are fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

To get started with FREE Zoho Mail, go to and click on “Personal Email.”

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