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Vigilant, Its Customers, Police, and the State of California Are Lying About ICE’s Access To License Plate Records

Can you believe that companies, police, and even state governments are lying to the public? What a concept. (Irony intended.)

Everyone’s hooking up ICE with automatic license plate reader (ALPR) data. And everyone’s misleading the public about it, starting with ALPR manufacturer, Vigilant. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been investigating California law enforcement’s data sharing claims with relation to its Vigilant ALPRs and finding their public statements are directly contradicted by internal communications obtained with public records requests.

Vigilant tries to keep as much information about data sharing under wraps by forcing purchasers to sign restrictive non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements. Law enforcement agencies are secretive by default, so this allows them to double down on opacity. Vigilant has taken a hardline approach to negative press, threatening journalists with lawsuits for asking too many questions and publishing the answers they’ve received.

Of course, stifling legitimate questions about government’s internal operations by threatening lawsuits is illegal but that doesn’t stop Vigilant, its customers, police, or the State of California.

You can read more in an article in the TechDirt web site at:

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