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Cloudflare’s New VPN Service Reportedly Won’t Slow You Down

Layout 1Cloudflare has announced that it’s adding a VPN service to its DNS resolver app. The service, which first came to mobile back in November, currently attempts to speed up mobile data speeds by using Cloudflare’s network to resolve DNS queries faster than your existing mobile network. From a report:

“We wanted to build a VPN service that my dad would install on his phone,” says Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince. “If you tell him that it will make his connection more private and secure, he’d never do it. But if you tell him it will make his connection faster, make his phone’s battery last longer, and make his connections more private, then it would be something he’d install.”

Mobile phone users can begin signing up for the service, dubbed Warp, through Cloudflare’s mobile app; Cloudflare says it hopes the service is working today, but it might take a few days.

Details may be found in an article by Klint Finley in the Wired web site at:

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  1. I heard about it, good to use as a backup vpn while purevpn won’t work for me


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