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Cloudflare’s Free VPN called Warp will Reportedly Be One of the Few Free VPNs You Can Trust

Cloudfare’s DNS service will add a VPN to its app for mobile devices. See for the details. The company is adding a new security service that looks to provide consumers with improved privacy and security for Internet access: a VPN to be called Warp that will offer even more privacy while browsing the internet on their phone. Best of all, Warp will be offered in two versions: FREE version and a later optional paid-for version at a “low monthly fee.” Even the free version will be very attractive to most privacy advocates.

The first release of Cloudflare Warp will be available for Android and for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Cloudflare has not announced any plans to offer Warp on Windows, Macintosh, or other platforms.

Warp will encrypt your connections to CloudFlare’s VPN servers to make the connection as secure as possible. It aims to reduce data use by caching and compressing content where possible. The new VPN service should conceal all your online connections (including email, web browsing, file transfers, and more). Your online activities should be invisible to hackers, con artists, and government spies alike.

Warp also will speed up communications, exactly the opposite effect of most other VPN products. Warp will encrypt your connection to CloudFlare’s servers and then uses caching and compression of the data being sent and received whenever possible. Using it as a VPN also masks all internet traffic on your phone, including the rest of your apps.

One part of the new announcement impressed me: Cloudflare Warp is not built on the Open VPN in the same manner as most other VPNs. Instead, Cloudflare Warp is built around the newer open-source Wireguard VPN project. Wireguard is a more advanced product than Open VPN and operates much faster than the older product. Some VPN experts refer to WireGuard as “revolutionary.” You can read more about Wireguard in my earlier article at as well as in the WireGuard web page at:

Cloudflare says that it wants to make Warp the fastest, most secure, most privacy-respecting DNS resolver on the Internet. Any unencrypted connections are encrypted automatically and by default. Warp respects end-to-end encryption and doesn’t require you to install a root certificate or give Cloudflare any way to see your encrypted Internet traffic. Privacy is protected because signing up for the free version doesn’t require the user to enter a name, email address, or any other identifying information. In addition, Cloudflare is adamant that the VPN will not store any identifying information in log files or in any customer files. In fact, there aren’t any customer files for the free version!

The free version of Cloudflare Warp is expected to be available within the next few days. A premium version of Warp, called Warp+, reportedly will be even faster by utilizing Cloudflare’s virtual private backbone and Argo technology. The company will charge a low monthly fee for those people who want even more speed. However, the exact price has not yet been announced. The cost of Warp+ will likely vary by region, priced in a way that ensures the fastest possible mobile experience is affordable to as many people as possible.

You can read more in the CloudFlare Blog at:

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