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If Facebook Asks for Your Email Password, Don’t Do It! It is a Scam.

Facebook has been prompting some users registering for the first time to hand over the passwords to their email accounts. Nobody should ever ask for your email password.

Let me repeat that: “Nobody should ever ask for your email password.”

A Twitter account using the handle @originalesushi first posted an image of the screen several days ago, in which new users are told they can confirm their third-party email addresses “automatically” by giving Facebook their login credentials. The Beast wrote that the prompt appeared to trigger under circumstances where Facebook might think a sign-up attempt is “suspicious,” and confirmed it on their end by “using a disposable webmail address and connecting through a VPN in Romania.”

You can read more in an article by Kevin Poulsen in TheDailyBeast web site at:

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  1. And to think I stopped registering for AirBnB when they asked for my picture. Too invasive for my taste.

    It’s only been in the past year I’ve shared my e-mail password with my husband.


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