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Use Token to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

Disclaimer: This article is about a service I have not used myself. My bank already offers a FREE “virtual credit card” to its customers at no charge that is almost the same as the Token service described here. Therefore, I have no desire to switch. However, if your bank does not offer a “virtual credit card” service, you might want to read this article (or else switch banks!).

An article by Rick Broida in the C|net web site describes what sounds like a valuable service: “Token is a FREE app that generates virtual credit card numbers so your primary number gets used less, thereby reducing the chances of fraud.”

In short, you can use the Token service to create a new credit card number at any time for use online. You can specify the maximum amount that can be charged or how many times it may be charged.

For instance, if you decide to subscribe to an online magazine for $20 but are concerned the magazine publisher might charge automatic renewals every year without asking, you can create a virtual credit card that allows a maximum of a $20 charge (or perhaps a bit more in case of added taxes) and that it can only be CHARGED ONE TIME.

With that virtual credit card number, if the publisher or any hacker or credit card thief ever tries to charge the same card number again, the charge will be declined.

You can read Rick Broida’s article at:


I use virtual credit card “one time purchases” often for all sorts of online charges and m very happy with the service.

PRIVACY at is a competitive service, offering similar services, although for a charge.

You also might want to read 5 Things You Should Know About Virtual Credit Cards by Neil J. Rubenking at

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