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Facebook says it ‘Unintentionally Uploaded’ 1.5 Million People’s Email Contacts without Their Consent

You are still using Facebook? Read the article in Business Insider at and I bet you will change your mind. This sort of thing happens much too often with Facebook.

It seems that the contents of 1.5 million people’s contact books were directly harvested by Facebook. That’s 1.5 million address books which contained a much larger number of names and email addresses.

The total number of people whose contact information was improperly obtained by Facebook may well be in the dozens or even hundreds of millions, as people sometimes have hundreds of contacts stored on their email accounts.

Your email address was probably harvested even if you are not a Facebook user or even if you do not have an email address book. All that was needed was for your name and email address to be listed in someone else’s address book!

I find it appalling that Facebook is even surreptitiously collecting the contents of their users’ email address books. The uploading of all that information online is criminal but, even worse, why does Facebook even have such data in the company’s possession?

Want to know where the next few hundred spam mail messages you receive came from? Yeah, I bet you can figure it out.

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