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Google I/O’s Biggest Announcement: Privacy

The Google I/O developer conference took place this week and lots of new products and features were announced by the Internet giant. However, probably the biggest announcement of all was not a product but a philosophy: Privacy.

Google rolled out new privacy-centric features and products. The biggest included expanding incognito mode to more Google services, new privacy commitments for Google products, and more than 50 privacy-focused features added to Android.

In a speech at the conference and in an op-ed he published days earlier titled “Privacy Should Not Be A Luxury Good,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai pushed back on the idea that Google offered free services in exchange for “surveillance,” as Apple CEO Tim Cook once put it. Instead, Pichai professed that providing secure, privacy-respecting services that everyone could afford. As he wrote in his op-ed, “We’ve stayed focused on the products and features that make privacy a reality — for everyone.” His examples included making sure Search “works the same whether you’re a professor at Harvard or a student in rural Indonesia.”

Will this giant corporation totally change its present mode of collecting private information from all its users? We won’t know for several more months but the recent promises certainly sound good. If Google can change and still make profits, this may serve as an example to many other businesses.

You can read more in an article by Rob Pegoraro in the USA Today web site at:

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  1. Absolutely absurd. Use Qwant or Brave and DuckDuckgo, and bring your private groups to Idka.


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