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Ultra-private Tor Browser is Now Available on Android

The Tor Web Browser and its matching Tor “onion networking” is generally considered to be the most secure and highly private web browser available today. (Tor is an abbreviation for “The Onion Router”).

Invented by the U.S. government and available free of charge to everyone worldwide, Tor enables anonymous anonymous communication. Now a Tor web browser is available for Android computers.

The Tor Browser is based on Firefox, so you get conveniences like tabbed browsing, but it doesn’t connect directly to websites. Rather, it uses a network of encrypted servers that bounce requests around multiple intermediate links, hiding your IP address and identity. It was possible to connect to Tor on a smartphone before using the Orbot/Orfox app, but now the “onion networking” is built in and connects to the network each time you open the app.

The Tor browser may be downloaded and installed on Android systems from the Android App store. See for more information.

Tor is also available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX computers but is not yet available from the Tor developers for Apple’s iOS systems. However, Mike Tigas, a third party developer, has released his own version of the Onion Browser for iPhone and iPad users. It is available on the iOS App Store at:

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