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Are You Unknowingly Forfeiting Your Genetic Privacy Rights?

From an article by Katherine M. Silverman, published in the web site:

“The issue of genetic privacy is getting a lot of attention in the media lately, mainly due to the role DNA has played in identifying suspects in prominent “cold cases” like that of the Golden State Killer. But use of these “genetic genealogy” tools has raised concerns from privacy advocates who fear that genetic information shared on public genealogy databases could be misused. While “oversharing” personal information on social media has become par for the course, it’s important to think carefully about what information you’re publishing on the internet and who might have access to that information in the future.”


“While the idea of finding long-lost relatives is appealing, the privacy policies on many commercial genealogy websites allow these companies to share and monetize your genetic information without any obligation to notify you or obtain your consent. And while most of us would be willing to assist law enforcement officers in investigating a serious crime, the potential applications for this technology are only beginning to emerge. Many people don’t realize that by uploading their genetic information, they are exposing their relatives, including children and grandchildren to a loss of genetic privacy.”

The full article may be found at:

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