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Decentralized Network Wants to Return the Internet to Users

Here’s a radical idea: take away all the control exercised by all the mega-corporations (Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and a few dozen others) and let smaller organizations and private citizens define how the Internet will operate.

Actually, that’s not so radical after all. In fact, it is how the Internet operated in its early days before the mega-corporations (Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and a few dozen others) rose to power. In other words, perhaps the Internet should go back to the way it used to be.

Quoting an article by Connor Blenkinsop in the CoinTelegraph web site:

“Hedera, ‘the only public decentralized network that utilizes the hashgraph consensus algorithm,’ has recently paid for a full-page ad in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal that said: ‘Thank you Facebook Libra. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

“Mance Harmon, the company’s CEO and co-founder, said he shared his vision for Hedera with Facebook’s David Marcus in February 2018 — setting out the startup’s technology roadmap and model to deliver stable, decentralized governance.

“Hedera’s governing council consists of 39 prominent organizations across 18 unique industries and 11 global regions; it thus far includes names like IBM, Tata Communications, Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom Blockchain, DLA Piper, Nomura and Magazine Luiza. Members of the governing body have no rights to profit from the network, and their tenure is term-limited — a distinction it says Facebook missed when it unveiled the Libra Association. The team notes it has released its governing body LLC agreement in full along with all council meeting minutes.”

What a great idea! You can read the full story at:

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