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Facebook Says It Needs to Always Know Your Location, and Is Warning iOS and Android Users Against Turning It Off

This seems silly. Why does Facebook or most any other web site need to know your location? OK, if you are ordering a product online from Amazon or some other e-commerce site then I guess the owners of that web site do need to know the address to be placed on the shipping label. There may be some other examples as well. But Facebook???

Oh, I know why, Because the folks at Facebook want to package your location, along with all sorts of other personal information about you, and sell that information to any company, organization, political party, foreign or local government, or anyone else who is willing to pay for it. That’s how Facebook became a multi-billion-dollar business even though it is free to its users.

In any case, you can learn about Facebook’s claim that Facebook “needs” to know your location in an article by Jason Aten in the Inc. web site at:

P.S. The Privacy Blog web site will never ask for your address! I value and wish to protect your privacy.

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